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As our 1:1 initiative moves forward, I see that there are three kinds of teachers that are part of the process:

1. The teachers who are ready for change (!!)

2. The teachers who are willing to change

3. The teachers who just want to get by

I wish someone would have told me about this! But, I’m glad I had the chance to be a teacher before becoming an Instructional Technologist. That background has led me to approach the teachers as students first & teachers second. I pondered and pondered how 1:1 should be implemented (after I had also read some literature on it). I came up with the idea that because I target three different groups of teachers, my sessions need to be differentiated to meet their needs.

So, here are my recommendations for implementing 1:1 from a professional developmentstandpoint:

1. Create a self-paced online course

Make sure that it utilizes the LMS that will become the avenue of classroom instruction. This will help the teachers learn on their own pace because we all know they are busy people! Editor’s Note: Here are some options for online courses that might help: GEDB CoursesUdemyIntel Teach Elements, and PBS TeacherLine

2. Create one-on-one sessions

This is where teachers can get their concerns out (their voice matters), have more of a hands on approach to the products being implemented differentiated at different levels (beginners, intermediate, and advanced).

3. Create whole group sessions

These will be to target teachers at the beginner, intermediate & advanced levels. This will also give them a chance to share ideas on classroom instructional methods that can be used!

From the Instructional Technologist point of view, this approach is a lot of work, but the benefits outweigh the (effort) cost. All three groups are taken care of and will be ready when the time comes. In addition, our 1:1 is focused around Chromebooks & Schoology; therefore, the professional development revolves around learning the ecosystems of both products and instructional methods. Remember, without supporting the teachers, our efforts to go 1:1 can quickly fail.

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