Powerful New Citelighter Tools (Plus An Edudemic Giveaway!)

Do you guys remember Citelighter? We mention it here from time to time because we think it is a pretty awesome tool that can be useful in many of your classrooms. They started out as a pretty simple tool to help students build bibliographies. Then they added Cognitive Prints to help teachers analyze students’ research and writing process.
Well, they’re still going at it – they continue to build on their already-great tool and add more features.
Today, they’re announcing a new teacher template creator, student outlining tools, and a teacher assessment platform.

A Freebie?! Yes, Please!

Not only that, but because the guys over at Citelighter know that Edudemic readers are at the top of their teaching game, they’re offering a freebie to Edudemic readers only!

The first 50 teachers that email team@citelighter.com with subject line ‘I heart Edudemic’ will receive free access to theentire suite of student and teacher tools until the end of year for free.

Citelighter will spend an hour with you showing you how to set-up your classes, and even show you what they are building over the summer. So you don’t have to have used Citelighter’s tools in the past to make this work in your classroom -they’ll help you! Give them a shout and try it out!

Today’s News From Citelighter

Citelighter knows how important it is for students to learn how to organize and effectively communicate their ideas. It is the cornerstone of 21st Century skills. They also understand the struggles associated with teaching students how to write well, especially considering the complexity of new writing standards. After spending thousands of hours with teachers and students, Citelighter is excited to release their newest installment of student and teachers tools.  This new all-purpose writing platform adds even more to an already impressive six-time award-winning research and writing tool.
The team doesn’t view writing instruction as a set of discrete processes, but rather a continuum where teachers must engage with students at the moment they are struggling. The new platform supports teachers and students alike with tools to create, draft, and edit writing tasks, which provides guidance, a sense of transparency, and collaborative opportunities throughout the entire writing process. This makes Citelighter the most comprehensive assessment platform available. The new tool includes:

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