Guide To Education In The US

By Katie Lepi

Education: a topic so broad that you can get nearly anyone into a heated debate about some aspect of it. At Edudemic, we talk a lot about innovation in education, trends, and technology. That means we either don’t discuss or gloss over a large number of relevant and important discussions about pedagogy, money, access, and more. The handy infographic below offers a snapshot of education in the US. Take a look and you’ll see a number of statistics about graduation rate, cost, and lots of other things.

Education in the United States

  • Public spending on education in the US is about $ 113.7 billion. That is compared with $472.9 billion spent on Welfare programs and $858.2 billion spent on public healthcare programs (like Medicare/Medicaid)
  • 25% of all students in the US take at least one online course, reflecting a 13% increase over the last five years
  • Statistically, students with more online credits are more likely to graduate
  • The average difference in yearly salary between an individual with a high school degree and a four year degree is $22,600
  • 42% of all 25-64 year olds in the US have a college diploma
  • Tertiary attainment in the US is growing at a slower rate than average
  • Production and nonsupervisory workers make up 80% of the US workforce. Their salaries have stayed relatively steady throughout the years while the cost of private college has risen dramatically

education in usa

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