Youtube channels for Teaching History

 Youtube contains thousands of hours of first-hand historical footage that can be used with students in class. Students will not only read about history but also live it and see it through the eyes of those who made it.  The handy graphic below features some awesome ways, tips and channels that you can use to teach history. I invite you to have a look and explore these materials.

Tips to use YouTube videos in class:

  • Set up your own channel using existing videos and playlists
  • Create a project and teach students how to create their own channels
  • Watch videos in advance to determine whether they are appropriate for classroom inclusion or not
  • Use channels as gateways to other websites and organizations
  • Use free web tools to delete distractive features around YouTube videos.
  • If your school blocks YouTube, then make sure you download them at home and share them in class.

History Channels to to start with:

teahing history using youtube 
Source: YTD

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