Benefits of Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is scientifically proved to have positive impact on the way your brain grows and on the cognitive skills associated with processing information. For instance, bilinguals have denser gray matter in their language centers than monolinguals. Bilinguals can more easily focus on two tasks at once. They think more analytically. Parts of their brain devoted to memory, reasoning, and planning are larger than those of monolinguals (source:  How Bilingualism Boost Your Brain).

Besides these cognitive skills , learning a new language does also have some social gains such as getting to communicate with people from other countries, learning about different cultures, and even helping you understand your own native language. This social aspect of learning a new language is essential for raising bilingual or multilingual kids that tolerate and respect cultural and ethnic differences and value and look at linguistic diversity as an asset and not a difference.

This handy graphic outlines another 5 benefits of being a multilingual (and  bilingual ). Have a look and share with you students.

Here is a brief overview of these 5 benefits:

 1-More job opportunities:

The ability to communicate with people in more than one language could just help you acquire gainful employment.

2- Improved Intellect

Exposing yourself to foreign language can change the way you look at the world and create comprehensive avenues that would otherwise be unavailable.

3- Increased understanding of language

Learning another language can help you to gain a better understanding of your native tongue. It can also make it easier to learn other languages that are in the same vein.

4- Globalization

The interconnectedness of world cultures has brought people closer together. Learning other languages can help you to close the gap even further and take advantage of this globalization.

5- International travel benefits

Learning multiple languages can male all aspects of travel easier, from getting through customs to finding your way around foreign locales to haggling with local merchants

benefits of learning new language

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