Feedback on Student Writing

Providing timely and effective feedback on student work is a critical component to any classroom. As students increasingly operate and create in a digital environment, emerging tools provide unique new opportunities for teachers to provide feedback on both written work and video projects.

Feedback on Written Work

With the increased adoption of Google Apps for Education, student writing often occurs within Google Docs. While teachers can provide feedback in the form of typed comments, media-rich options exist. By incorporating audio and video feedback, teachers have even more opportunities to connect with their students as they can choose the modality to best support their learning preferences.

If students are in a 1:1 iPad classroom, and are using Google Drive to create and share writing assignments, along with the capacity to insert text comments into the body of the paper or in the margins, classroom teachers can use a combination of Google Drive and Explain Everything to provide video and audio feedback. The process allows a teacher to export a student writing assignment directly from Google Drive to Explain Everything.

Once in Explain Everything, the teacher can press record, ink on the document (which imports as a PDF), and even insert front facing video while providing feedback. In order to give the student access to the video feedback, the Explain Everything Project (XPL file) or video file can be uploaded directly back to Google Drive and placed into a student folder. It is important to recognize that XPL project files will upload quickly to Drive, but students then need Explain Everything to view the feedback. Meanwhile, a video file will take some time to export and upload, but once in Google Drive, students can watch the video feedback on any device.

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