Stages of Learning

The idea that different students may learn differently (otherwise known as ‘learning styles) is a pretty hot-button issue. In fact, I don’t think any other topic has garnered us such a large amount of hate-mail, even though we’ve tried to approach the topic from both sides of the argument.

That said, regardless of how you feel about whether different learning styles exist or not, there are many things that teachers have tried out over the years to see what works best for them and for their students.

Call it trial and error, or experiential research, perhaps. The handy infographic below talks about the stages of learning, and how to approach teaching in a way to best help students learn. Specifically geared towards reading assignments, the ideas in the graphic can be extrapolated and used for almost any subject or type of project/learning material! Keep reading to learn more!

Teach Towards Learning

Getting students in the best frame of mind to learn efficiently can be achieved with a few strategic steps. For a reading assigment:

Before Reading: 

  1. Offer a preview
  2. Let them ask questions/ask them questions
  3. Have them make predictions

During Reading:

  1. Clarify for them as necessary
  2. Let them ask questions/ask them questions
  3. Work on vocabulary

After Reading:

  1. Encourage (require!) reflection
  2. Let them ask questions/ask them questions
  3. Have them summarize

Stages of Learning

  1. Declarative
  2. Procedural
  3. Conditional
  4. Metacognitive

Students Will Be Able To:

  1. Name learning strategies
  2. Know how to use learning strategies
  3. Know when to use learning strategies
  4. Know why they are using learning strategies


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