About mSchools

We are glad to introduce you our latest development, mSchools Mobile app. The product had been tested by many schools and got satisfaction and only positive feedbacks. mSchools app derived after doing lots of research both primary and secondary from both parents and Education Institutes and brings out the solution to narrow down the gap between both of them.

mSchools starts with the objective to give more and more friendly platform for the parents who somehow not able to go at their kid’s school and attend the school meetings. Attendance, annual functions, Holiday, Fee Due’s alerts, Upcoming exams and events, Timetable, Results, Teacher message , Feedback, Ask your child etc. are the other important features of the mSchools Mobile app.

mSchools now offers Schools a subscription based service whereby it builds and hosts an online profile for the Schools on its platform both on Web and Mobile application giving them the access of CMS (Content Management System) where they can manage their data and can send the notification to the respective parents. The Subscription includes CMS ( Web based ), Database integration , Mobile application on ( iPhone , Android, iPad, Tablets & Kindle) where web is for the Schools Content Management System where as the Mobile apps are for the Parents to have a virtual Schools on their smart phones.

mSchools have recently participated in NASSCOM PRODUCT CONCLAVE PUNE – 2014 and received a huge response from the Investors, Seed Funder & Mergers.

We thought that your School can be interested in our new product. Therefore, we are enclosing the application brochure, template and price card. One of our specialists will contact you shortly in order to describe the product in details as well as answer your questions in case you have any.

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Contact Us –

WEBSITE- www.mschools.co.inwww.linkites.com
E-MAIL – enquiry@mschools.co.in, info@linkites.com
PHONE – +91-731-2401952
22_skype – mschools, linkites

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